Guy Gibson's medals on display at Lincolnshire
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Thanks to unique permission from the RAF Museum Hendon, one of the most famous Victoria Crosses in British military history - that of Wing Commander Guy Gibson, Dambuster - will go on display in Lincolnshire in January 2020.

This never-to-be-repeated opportunity is part of Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire's final "Bastion in the Air" exhibition, made possible thanks to National Lottery players.

Gibson’s famous Victoria Cross medal, which has only been publicly exhibited three times previously and all in London, has remained stored away since 1992.

This is a unique opportunity to see the medal, along with other rare artefacts, in the new exhibition entitled "A Century of Valour", telling the story of bravery in the air and on the ground through three major periods in Lincolnshire's military history – World War One, World War Two and The Cold War.

The exhibition, being held in Lincoln at The Collection Museum, will open from Saturday 25th January until Sunday 15th March 2020.  Tickets for the exhibition can be booked by visiting the link below